• Village Treasure House

  • 1. Merchandise is accepted for consignment for a period of 90 days, with a price reduction of 15% after each 30 day period.

    2. The consignor receives 50% of the selling price.

    3. Checks are mailed by VTH within 45 days of the sale. A $1.00 check processing fee will be deducted.

    4. After 90 days, unsold items become the property of Village Treasure House. The consignor will receive a donation letter for tax purposes.

    5. The consignor may retrieve any item from the selling floor prior to the expiration date.

    6. Seasonal items are accepted within 90 days of holiday and become a donation if unsold by holiday.

    7. The consignor is subject to a $30.00 check fee for all re-issued checks.

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  • Village Treasure House s 1460 Paddock Drive s Northbrook, IL s 60062 (847) 832-1030 s villagetreasurehouse.org

    Village Treasure House (VTH) is a donation/consignment shop operated to support local agencies serving families and individuals in crisis. VTH is a charitable organization under IRS Code, Sec. 501(c)3.

  • Revised 6/8/20

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